LocoRunner Homepage

Welcome to the LocoRunner website. This website is created to help educate and spread information on how to be a healthy athlete (runner and triathlete) and remain injury free by little to no external supplementation of drugs, supplements or quick tricks (or cheating - No Lance Armstrong supplements here!)  The best way  to a healthy body is with pure sweat and hard work. Foods prepared at home are the best way to ensure you are getting the necessary nutrients you need. The most important thing is knowing what you are putting in your mouth - healthy or no so healthy and knowing how it will affect you.

My philosophy is this:

  • The human body is the most technologically advanced machine in the world possessing abilities and self healing properties that are beyond comprehension by anyone of this world.
  • Only you know your body better than anyone else. Only you know when you have reached a limit that requires you to pull back for a while.
  • Keeping a positive attitude in life and everything you do and minimizing stress in your day to day life leads to a long healthy life.
  • Eat basically anything you want - within reason. A good splurge every now and then is not going to kill you. Who can resist a big juicy burger every now and then.
  • Do your own research on sports nutrition, fitness techniques and methods,  medical conditions, injuries, etc... There is plenty of new research available on the web to come up with your own conclusion on what is good for you and what is not.
    • The Cholesterol myth created by the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most misunderstood concepts of a healthy body. Doctors are now starting to realize the mistake they have made with Cholesterol medication and its effects on the human body.
    • Saturated fat (think butter and bacon) - There are plenty of studies have proven that it is safer and healthier than any other fat.
    • Protein from meats are good for you.
  • Run, Bike and Swim! If I'm wrong on the other bullets above, then run bike swim will keep you healthy.