2013 Chevron Houston Marathon Race Report

Ran a 3:16 Houston Marathon. I'm really satisfied with my time - considering that my average weekly mileage leading up to the marathon was only 25-30 miles per week. I really don't like this fact, but when my work schedule doesn't allow me the time to run the miles that I would like to, I do what I can just to finish the marathon in a decent time. This method of trying to get all my miles in just a month and a half before the marathon is asking for trouble when it comes to a running injury. I am aware of that and try hard to deal with any small pain that develops in my training.

2013 Houston Marathon Finish

This method (if you want to call it that) of training for a marathon is not easy on the body. Without the proper miles, my body pays for it on the marathon course, especially in the last 3-4 miles. Last 3-4 marathons I have done at Houston have been run in pure pain from mile 22 to finish. My only thoughts during these final miles are "I want to STOP" and walk for a while. The only thing that keeps me going and my mind occupied is the crowds, friends cheering on, and my will to finish and not prolong the pain by stopping. My mind also stays occupied by going over calculations in my head: 'What time can I get if I were to stop now and walk the rest of the way". Fortunately, I don't follow up on that. I see alot of people walking towards the end of the marathon and I think to my self: These runners are also in pain (like me) but they took the easy way out and walked. It takes a lot of will power to refuse the temptation to walk and continue running. The pain is so unbearable that the only thing that keeps me going is the thought of finishing so the pain can go away.

Other than the pain, my marathon performance was great. I had to do 2 porta potty breaks before the half way point due to some stomach problems I was having. Without these stops my time could have been 2-3 minutes faster. I was shooting for a 3:20 marathon time and came out with a 3:16 so I really can't complain.

With the proper mileage next year I can run a sub 3:10 (maybe a sub 3:05) and finish the last few miles with normal marathon pain instead of the excruciating pain that I had this year and the few years before that.

The important thing is to think positive, stay positive and think FAST TIMES.